When was the last time your child sat down to listen to a story?
…not just watching a TV show or movie?

When was the last time they were able to let their imagination run free – free to go to Outer Space or the Circus, free to travel through time to see Dinosaurs up close or the action of the Old Wild West?

Do you remember the last time you “visited” these places in your mind?

Little Thinkers audio stories can do just that, and more, for your 4 to 10 yr old

  • Using a combination of dramatic storytelling, and suggestions for picture drawing, Little Thinkers tap into your child’s imagination to help them develop better listening skills, and explore their creativity, in translating those pictures they see in their mind’s eye to paper.

In a world that is increasingly driven by digital media overload, each Little Thinker adventure provides a wholesome alternative, that is both educational and entertaining.

Narrated and dramatized... your Little Thinker draws what she imagines as the story unfolds.

  • These adventures were originally available in the 1980s on cassette tape. Each of the hour-long 19 titles is narrated by Nancy, who takes the “little thinker” (your child) on spectacular odysseys.
  • Along the way, she prompts the Little Thinker (with some creative music) to draw pictures of what they imagine is happening in the story. Whether it’s a tyrannosaurus rex or a flying bicycle, your child will be entertained for hours and hours. Kids listen to these over and over.

Great on-the-go entertainment - A Classic Across Generations

Our customers say it best…

“I remember these tapes from my childhood and look forward to playing them during car rides for my kids”

Originally available on cassette, and sold primarily through Toys R Us, these stories became instant hits and won the hearts of children and parents alike.

Now, more than 20 years later, they still invoke fond memories of listening to Nancy and her friends guide her audience of Little Thinkers through great adventures. These memories are prompting parents and grandparents to search for these tapes in hopes of providing their children and grandchildren with the same experience. All are excited when they realize that the entire set is now available, as can be seen by some recent comments:

“Just the other day, I was having dinner with a friend talking about these Little Thinker stories. They have a special place in my heart. That’s one of the reasons why I LOVE to draw now! I thought about whether it was possible to track these stories down. So, here I am…Thank YOU very much. I am so excited that I will be able to play these stories for my second grade students. This is the perfect age! Thank you…”

“I stumbled across your website from an ebay listing, and I can’t believe my luck! I remember these from my childhood and I was thinking of buying them for my son as something fun he could do that doesn’t involve TV or video games. Wonderful work you have undertaken, and I will definitely be placing an order soon!”

“I remember that I had 2 or 3 Little Thinker cassettes in my early childhood…the “Dinosaurs” tape is the one I particularly recognize. These were truly inspiring and influential recordings for me…especially the electronic music that would play intermittently throughout each adventure. It’s awesome to know that these wonderful cassettes have been preserved. They definitely have something “special” that most other educational & artistic material for children – then and now – never seemed to have.”