A word of thanks to our Kickstarter supporters...

Little Thinker Adventures, and Jim Ettwein, wish to thank all those who contributed their financial and emotional support during the 2019 Kickstarter Campaign, to fund the development of a new title in the Little Thinker series of children’s adventures. This, the twentieth title in the series, is the first new adventure in about forty years!

This new adventure comprises a new script on a new topic, with new music to accompany the many drawing pauses. We released the new title in mid-2020. We are very appreciative of all you have done to support us. The new title: “Think About the Garden” is a gentle transition as we move from Nancy as our host (no one could replace her) with Nance, her granddaughter. Still the same 'ole Windy, though. 

Thanks to... Loretta Breedlove, Bob Kimble, Chelsea Teodoro, Chris Reed, Elizabeth Cook, Sara Kuriakose, Steve Bertolino, Mike Majors, Timothy Young, Nicholas Lin, Robin Jurkowski, Flick & Kathy Flickinger, Merry Lowe, Betty Perry, Ryan Martin, Teresita Jung, Jehan Abdullah, David Bryson, Patrick Conroy, Jonathan Campanarao, Kevin Yong, Matt Maison, Debra Duford, Joyce Reifsteck, Bill Taylor, Jen Gollman, Mike Dyer, Seren Thompson, Yuree Jogessar, Ariana Tice, Bill Murray, Kathleen Maison, and Matt Benati.